The Index of Christian Art, Princeton University, USA

21 12 2007

Presents a two day art historical and historical conference

Looking Beyond:
Visions, Dreams and Insights in Medieval Art and History

Friday and Saturday March 14th and 15th 2008


Friday, March 14th 2008
9.00-9.15 Introduction and Welcome

Colum Hourihane, Princeton University
Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California
Jon Miller, University of Southern California
9.15-10.15 St. Francis and the body as image

Hans Belting, Hochschule fuer Gestaltung, Karlsruhe
10.15-11.0 Finding Faith Underground: Visions of the Forty Martyrs
Oratory at Syracuse

Glenn Peers, University of Texas at Austin
11.00-11.30 Coffee and Questions
11.30-12.15 Imagining Community: Visions and the Dead at
Twelfth-Century Peterhausen

Alison Beach, College of William & Mary
12.15-1.00 Scenes and Sites of Religious Visions in the Earliest
Middle Ages

Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California
1.00-1.15 Questions
The moderator for the morning session will be Colum Hourihane
1.15-2.30 Lunch
2.30-3.15 Visions and the Soul’s Ascent to God in Spanish Mysticism

Luis Corteguera, University of Kansas
3.15-4.00 Making Use of Paradise: Heavenly Visions and the Late
Antique Commemorative Imagination

Anne Marie Yasin, University of Southern California
4.00-4.15 Questions
4.15-5.00 A Faithful Witness in Heaven: Keeping Vigil with St.

Peter Jeffery, Princeton University
5.00-5.30 Questions

The moderator for the afternoon session will be Michael Curschmann,
Princeton University

5.30-7.00 Reception


Saturday, March 15th 2008 9.00-9.20 Apocalyptic Visions and Marginal

Peter Klein, University of Tubingen
9.20-10.05 Visualizing the Visionary: John in his Apocalypse

Richard Emmerson, Florida State University
10.05-10.50 Looking Beyond the Modern Bubble: Medieval Art and the
Study of Modern Visual Culture.

David Morgan, Valparaiso University
10.50-11.15 Questions & Coffee
11.15-12.00 Visions experiences and the Liturgy in the early Middle

Eric Palazzo, University of Poitiers
12.00-12.45 What to see? The Vision of God in some medieval images

Nino Zchomelidse, Princeton University
12.45-1.15 Questions
The moderator for the morning session will be Jon Miller, University
of Southern California 1.15-2.30 Questions
2.30-3.15 Death in the Flesh: Encountering Death Personified in the
Middle Ages

Georgia Frank, Colgate University
3.15-4.00 “Ecce angelus Domini apparuit in somnis Ioseph”: Seeing the
Dreams of Joseph the Carpenter

Pamela Sheingorn, City University of New York, Baruch College and The
Graduate Center
4.00-4.15 Questions
4.15-5.00 The Tactile and the Visionary: Notes on the Place of
Sculpture in the Medieval Religious Imaginary

Jacqueline Jung, Yale University
5.00-5.30 Round Table Discussion led by William Christian Jr.
The moderator for the afternoon session will be William Christian Jr.
5.30-6.00 Reception for all attendees

The full program is available on the Index website

There is no conference fee but all intending delegates are requested to register before March 7th 2008. Admission is by registration only and attendance is limited. To register please write, or email Robin Dunham, Index of Christian Art, A8 McCormick Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544 (email – rdunham@Princeton.Edu) giving name(s), institutional affiliation if any and contact telephone numbers and day(s) of attendance.





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